We want to help you close more deals.

Intelishare was created the goal of helping commercial real estate professionals present themselves better to clients in order to get more deals.

The first aspect we decided to focus on is the Marketing Proposal (to get the deal) and Offering Memorandum (what the Proposal gets turned into once the agent/broker has the deal).

Like a lot of other commercial real estate agents and brokers, we were meeting prospective clients to discuss their selling objectives. We noticed that the only item left behind with the client (aside from a business card) was a Marketing Proposal or Offering Memorandum (OM).

Frankly, we were embarrassed. The Marketing Proposals and OMs we were leaving behind lacked elegance, and did not have basic information like full page maps. They lacked color and other formatting necessities. They lacked a comprehensive rent roll and host of other information. We wanted to make an impact and leave an impression. What we had at our disposal was not doing that.

More importantly, whatever application we used to create the Marketing Proposals and OMs was inflexible and unintuitive. PowerPoint and other applications like it gave us the ability to customize certain things, but if we changed one number, like price, we had to change the price, and CAP rate, Price/SF, etc. everywhere else. Other web based apps resolved that issue, but wouldn’t allow us to add certain fields and customize the OM. The end result was “Meh”. Plus, those applications were difficult to use. We didn’t want to spend our time figuring out how to use another application. We wanted to spend our time doing deals!

After bouncing the idea off a couple colleagues, Jeff Selick tapped into his network from his internet days at Moving.com and Monster.com, and decided to start Intelishare.

Jeff put a crack team in place to build a web-based application that was easy and fast, so users could spend time on deals instead of learning a new application. Flexible, so users had control over the final product. Beautifully devised, so users could WOW their clients with professionally designed Marketing Proposals and OMs, but be unique at the same time.

Moreover, after speaking with several colleagues in the industry, we realized great looking OMs could do more than help get deals. A great OM can help you improve the perception that investors have of you (you never know where your next deal will come from) and improve the perception that your industry colleagues have of you (since collaborating is essential to getting deals done).

Slowly the vision started to form, that it was all about giving Commercial Real Estate professionals another tool to put their best foot forward, which in turn would help them be more successful, which in turn would help them get more deals.

We’re a small team with big aspirations. This isn’t our first at-bat. We’re driven to create amazing experiences that help individuals, teams and organizations work better, faster and smarter. Our team is based in Los Angeles, and we sincerely hope you join us on this journey. Sign up for Intelishare today, try it and let us know what you think!

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